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About Guaranteed to Bleed

We are a close knit group of people that play various games, stream and talk alot about gaming in general. We are a gaming community that goes outside a single game to have fun with the people we like to hang out with. Whats the point of a game if there is no fun!

We consider ourselves a Casual guild but we demand progression from ourselves. We won't be the first to clear but it will get done in a timely manner. 
While we don't require members to be on constantly we do want everyone to pull their weight when the time comes. Do what you can to be the best you can be. Take advice as well as criticism. Be prepared and on time. Overall respect your Guildmates. You must realize without them you have nothing and might as well just be soloing. If they take extra steps to be better so should you. For more information about our views on Casual Raiding.

Live Stream: Oflline